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  1. acceptable ? i bought this headset today for me pc and they run fine and they also sound good in music and games i dont know why you bregging about it ..

  2. I bought a pair of those G4ME ZERO's and a pair of the open back G4ME ONE's. I sent the Zero's back. I pull my nice HD600's out only a few times a year because they have to be tethered to the amp, and even if I had a portable amp, the 10ft cord is too long to walk around with. However, I use my G4ME ONE's about 16 hours a day, for gaming, YouTube, listening to music, podcasts, audio books, phone calls, YouTube recording, everything. They've got comfort, they've got easy to drive quality sound, and they've got a mic. They're perfect. I have two, one in each color. I even sleep in them. I haven't really taken them off in years.

  3. I am new to headphones, and was looking for a solid headset that could do everything (gaming and music). I went with these, and I am finding them a bit uncomfortable. Maybe it is just me, but the pressure on my head is hard to bear for long sessions, and I cant even wear my glasses with these. Idk, I'm considering returning these. Sound quality is great tho.

  4. Sennheiser PC360 (gaming) is open … buyed them used … worth there mnoney xD
    Good mic too (at the time best on all headphones) xD

  5. I purchased these about a month ago and for gaming they are great and much, much better than my previous Turtle Beach gaming headset for around the same price. I feel that they are excellent for music when hooking them up to a board with a powered amp. Otherwise I use my KRK KNS-8400 headphones.

  6. Beyerdynamic dt 990 pros are THE BEST sound and the MOST comfortable studio headset for gaming I have ever tried

  7. the Game Zeros are pretty much crap in comparison with the G4me Zero/PC350 SE. you should have reviewed these instead of the Game Zero. and yes, there is a difference between those 2/3

  8. Well all i want to know is like 3 headsets which are good for gaming, i didn't found a pro audio who can tell me "THOSE ARE THE BEST"
    And yeah i already have a sound card, that why i'm tired to see 99999999999 "good" gaming headphone but none is the best…..

  9. There are essentially made for hearing footsteps and gunshots for far away.
    Most people listen to music on their phones when they are out and about, it’s rare sitting by the computer to listen to music, especially extensively.
    If you’re a gold nova I understand why you don’t understand the point of this headset.

    Pro tip for you: don’t buy the ssg as terrorist and eco round means you buy nothing. Also afk means away from keyboard. GLHF


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