Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links – 100th King of Games with Stromberg – Ranked Duel June 2020




Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links – 100th King of Games with Stromberg – Ranked Duel June 2020 Full Walkthrough / Guide


● Deck:

● The climbed started from 52 wins after this KC climb:

● Picked this deck for my 100th run since it’s my best deck. This build with 3 Chaos Hunter is what I’ve seen top players did well with in tournaments

● I waited until after the new box dropped so that I could play against something different. Sadly it’s still mostly the same deck. This time none of my opponents crashed into the Castle, but the deck still clapped as long as I didn’t brick. Won pretty much all games against Dark Magician this time thanks to Chaos Hunter.

● P/S: I officially retire this deck after this run. Special thanks to ostrich child, goldenboy, Hexie and Frost for inspiring me to build the deck


Game: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links
Platform: PC/Android
Developers/Publishers: Konami

Video recorded on PC, using Bandicam


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  1. This is also my 10th KOG run as Stromberg. It's sad since I believe this deck will be KOG worthy forever, or at least until Shadow Game get nerfed, but I will retire it after this

  2. If I'm not mistaken did it take 42 wins to climb? That's outstanding imo. By the way is 26 cards the most optimal for this deck? These aside I must bid farewell to this wonderful anti-meta deck 🙂 Thank you for giving amazing replays for past 10 months. Have a good day!

  3. That grass block dragon deck is nuts came out of nowhere in the KC cup kinda wanna try it. Nice job! Yes I could actually see shadow game getting a slap on the wrist but until then this will still clap.

  4. Can you please get kog with SHS
    (Shattered hopes studios) super heavy samurais
    I got legend 4 with it and i want to see you get kog with it if possible

  5. Why do you retire this deck! It’s so Kog worthy and secret meta that you should be using it more frequently

  6. how do you beat cyberdragons? They have non-targeting card destruction…? Big struggle for me when playing stromberg

  7. I tried to KoG with this again this month as well but I kept bricking. It's hard without Fiendish Chain and I just couldn't pull it.


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