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  1. Here's a little trick when playing viktor when you press the left and right mouse button at the same time he will pull up the iron sights much faster you wont need the card for iron sights anymore

  2. doesn't the loadout give 40% lifesteal already? Buying all 3 levels of Lifesteal should be a waste or credits, especially given how much time you spend in Iron Sight 🙂

  3. Just a tip for you guys: if you're using the card Predator lv 5 (40% lifesteal) and then buy life rip, your total lifesteal will be affected by diminishing returns and you'll get a total of 45.5%, 50% and 53.7% lifesteal with Life rip lv 1, 2 and 3. So the question you should ask yourself is: is it worth to spend 200, 400 and 600 credits to earn an extra 5.5%, 10%, 13.5% lifesteal? IMO it's okay to buy life rip lv 1, it's "not that bad" to buy lv 2 and it's terrible investment to buy lv 3.

  4. The fact that he doesn't mention anything about yesterday AND he doesn't mention a SINGLE THING about kamigg channel, i'm afraid the real kami has been abducted. CALL FBI!

  5. Had someone yell st me yesterday after he traded me vic in ranked and saw my loud out 😂😂 I run extra ammo at 5 and ammo regen on elim at 5, he was talking trash while i just didnt reload all game using burst mode

  6. 13:23 Worth??? 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks for being a positive, cheerful, non-toxic content creator! Cheers and Aloha!

  7. 9.34 Don't make up lies saying tank kept running in and dying. He didn't have enough help on point vs a Term and Koa. And your buddy Indulgences single healer stat was 28k vs two healers who did 50k+ each. Usually the one healer always out heals two. Barik was the only one playing Objective, and the objective time proves it. Don't go badmouthing players who actually played the game objective when you didn't. Very naughty Kami.

  8. Hey kami.. you disturbed my routine by not uploading a video yesterday.. one of the best time in the day for me is to view your video with awesome commentary.. pls upload daily… or atleast intimate before hand… love your vids… take care bro.. finally a good video for a Vic main like me

  9. Where were you yesterday when I was in need of my daily dose of Kami while I was enjoying my food? Please dont screw my routine up. Thats what I do everyday! 🙂

  10. I theorized a lot with Viktor in the shooting range, IMO Firing Stance and Compensator should both be at 3 points, no more no less !
    As for Kinessa, I have 3 points in Quick Scope and 2 in Prodigy in all of my loadouts

  11. Kami the guys how don't get mad from the professional players how can say 777 insults word in a second and being toxic in the chat it's long introduction but anyway I wanna to ask you about to do another video about the tracking aim I know you did one in the past but I feel it's getting old and the technique that you used in that video was good but you know we need a new things to learn and maybe it's good idea to do something that you did in the past I know I'm selfish to ask you like this so I hope if anyone had the same idea to like my comment and loves you and I do really enjoy while I watch your content.
    with my pleasure.
    I ask you because you are the best with tracking aim that what I see from my opinion

  12. TBH, i think corvus ult melts. Yesterday I was playing inara and corvus ulted so i ulted as well and stunned everyone in his ult. and everyone died

  13. Sometimes I like to use Cardio and try to go an entire siege game without dying, after the enemy team sees you’re trying to get the perfect KD they will all focus you and chase you. I find their frustration amusing

  14. Yesterday, I was constantly checking YouTube 2 see if Kami posted a video and when u didn't, I was quite upset. But now that I c you made a Viktor video, I Forgive u


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