Top 3 Signs You Have an ACL tear (Tests You Can Do At Home)


Famous Physical Therapist’s Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck describe the signs and tests that may indicate that you have an ACL tear (anterior cruciate ligament) tear.

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  1. 8 days from now I will be 4 years post opp. I never have been injury prone in 16 years and I tore it on a baseball field running trough first base. Intense pain at first (Adam Eaton injury to a T) followed by some numbing and swelling. I was not happy with my surgeon however. 1, scar was not properly sealed and took 4 months to seal and 2, I was pressed and rushed into walking. I needed a second surgery for scar tissue removal.

    I’ve broken a few small bones and hyper extended a few joints. But I don’t wish this injury on to no one. Especially a top prospect in his sophomore or junior year of school.

  2. Idk what happened to my knee. Might have been all the times I jumped off my bunk bed. I also had to go on a hike when my knee hurt really bad. When I’m sitting up straight I can’t make my knee straight. I don’t know if this is an acl tear Bc I’ve been told that this is growing pains but I don’t think this is normal.

  3. Thigh. Upper, Thigh upper, what do I do to lesson the pain and exercise. How long do I stay off my feet?. No pain in the, knee thank God.. Please help. Ten pain. Help!

  4. Is it possible to have my ACL torn if I haven’t heard a pop in the knee or haven’t had a swelling ? It just hurts a little when I am walking , trying to run or climbing stairs , its just my knee that hurts after an unnecessary hard training session

  5. I got pain just below knee
    When it is pressed it gives me pain or when I slipped
    Plz reply I didn't get any good result yet

  6. does it hurt doing this? don’t know if i torn my acl because i never got it checked but i tripped and fell on my forward with my left knee first (so all pressure went to it) and it extremely horrible bruising along my entire knee and shin area and for weeks (almost months) i wasn’t able to bend my knee as it would cause too much pain. it’s been maybe 5 years now. doesn’t hurt hurt but it tingles and gets uncomfortably sore and tender time to time.

  7. Is there pain behind the knee with an ACL injury? I have the unstable feeling and it is the worst pain if even the slightest amount of pressure is put on it. I was given a leg immobilizer and crutches and have an Ortho appointment next week.

  8. Ok so my left knee has been hurting for the past five months but I can’t lay on my left side or it aches but it also has been causing my lower back to ache also but I don’t know what I
    did to injure it like this?

  9. I didn't twist anything I fell and banged my knee up really bad and for about a week I could walk right at all. I'm slowly be able to walk better and the pain isn't as bad but fuck it's been almost 2 weeks now and still hasn't healed all the way. Can you tear that from falling too hard???? I can put all my weight on it and bend it with it only slightly hurting but then again I've always had a insanely high pain tolerance

  10. Pls what kind of knee injury makes one feel like it leg is about to fall off during moment of playing soccer

  11. …..

    Your rounded shoulder is like flat feet. If you had it, It would make your movements bad. You can't absorb force from your shoulders. That means your joints need to work more and you are likely to hurt your elbows when you press.

    What you need to do is fix your rounded shoulder whenever you workout and practice your arch on your foot. If you don't practice arch, It will be worse than now. Crossfit, soccer, and foot ball are not for you If you have flat feet and poor posture unless you just play with your friends.

    It takes several years to make your posture and flat feet better. That's why doing mobility drill and practicing arch should be done before you work out so that you won't forget.

  12. And to think this complex stuff came from a sperm cell and an egg 🥚 . Makes you wonder who created human beings 🤔

  13. I overextended my knee when kicking for football and I felt a stretch but I kept playing and running for another 30 mins. I assumed it would be better the next day but a week later here I am and I’m able to do normal things even running a little bit and have almost full strength in my knee but I have weird feeling in my knee like swelling and it hurts sometimes. Is it an ACL sprain or tear? Or could it be a whole other muscle

  14. Okay so I skate and I'm 14, last year in December I tried to Ollie a six stair, well I didn't land it, my board flew off to the side, and I didn't bend my knees when landing. I'm guessing all the compact push from my heel to my knee upwards. Till this point my knee is still hurting

  15. I have a grade 1 acl sprain. Is it possible to heel without surgery. I still feel my knee swelling can't run and jump. Please suggest me what is good for?

  16. I sent it way too hard off a ski jump and landed badly in the flat. I’m getting this burning feeling in my knee still a month later

  17. I think I tore my ACL 5 years ago, some doc told after looking at MRI. I never did surgery cos I didn't trust him and was afraid, took me a year to walk properly….it even caused a slipped disk on my L4-L5. But I can walk around now no problem. I can even run, and I do squats, play sports etc, but my knee always feels unstable….. I was afraid of surgery at that time. Is it too late for me now to get it fixed now? I am 27 years old now, was 22 when I tore it. If i bend my knee for long or do squats and stretch it, i can hear loud "pops"

  18. If u torn ur ACL like mine 😁😁😁….. subscribe to my channel,i made awesome videos for u guys… there is no lost for u to click the subscribe button thanks 👍

  19. I heard a clicking sound in my knee after I fell off a workbench that was 3 or 4 feet off the ground. I was squatting on top of the bench. But the odd thing there was no swelling but a lot of pain the next day.

  20. I took a weird fall in basketball about a month ago, and I can’t stretch my knee all the way out. Can someone help me, I’m 16 and do what to do?!!

  21. My brother tor his ACL and is still in denial saying he hasn't torn it just because he hasn't had an MRI and because the therapist told him it wasn't his ACL…. he got the same test done and his knee moves and is swollen he also still has pain and can't put pressure on it

  22. I did a front handspring landed with my knees facing inward n my right knee hurts when i squat down only and i can support all my weight on that knee so do i needa see a doctor or sum

  23. Sadly happened to me 2 weeks ago have to have operation in 1 week hoping for a success just wanted an actual representation of my acl

  24. I tore my ACL in a soccer game 3 years ago and got an MRI a week later and never followed up with my ortho doc to review the images because the swelling came down and didn’t think much of it. A few months later, I was back to training, weight lifting and playing soccer. Lived for the next 3 years with no pain or inflammation and re injured the same knee playing a soccer game. Finally went back to my ortho doc and after this exact assessment and reviewing my old MRI, he stated I tore my ACL 3 years ago and need surgery if I want to keep playing. That made me depressed. He stated the muscles around my knee have compensated for the lack of an ACL but will be susceptible to re injuring my knee and causing more damage to my meniscus and other ligaments. I’m 28 now, and after 1 week of my recent injury I can walk with no pain or instability. Should I hold off on the surgery if I stop playing sports and experiencing no pain or other symptoms?

  25. i dont do sports but i hurt my knee wednesday i got told today that its not broken, fractured or dislocated but it still hurts they think i tore something but they did not have a and mri machine

  26. Dr wants an mri but my knee feels stable and no swelling. Thinks it’s the acl tho. I did agility stuff today without a problem tho so who knows

  27. What if they say your ACL is intact but it’s loose to me. Can’t run without it shifting and it buckled from time to time.

    Army Docs by the way….


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