Super Mario Bros. 2 (FDS) Worlds 8 (Final) & 9 (Fantasy World)


First thing I want to tell you is that those grey walls in World 9-4 are not random shapes (if you don’t understand them), they’re katakana characters, the simplest form of Japanese writing which is divided in three parts: hiragana, katakana and kanji. The characters seen here are アリガトウ! (you might not see what I’ve just written if you don’t have the proper fonts intalled). The pronunciation and romanisation of these characters individually is a-ri-ga-to-u-! or simply arigatō!, meaning thank you! Now that this is out of the way, let’s talk about the rest. The princess is well-versed in poetry or so it seems. The ending music got an upgrade and I’d say overall it’s more complete than in the first game, but like always don’t expect any long story-driven ending to these old games (and even recent games sometimes). After that, because I didn’t use any warp zones during the entire course of the game, I get to World 9 which is the Fantasy World. This is a very weird World, breaking much of the game’s rules, but it’s also the easiest World. You have only one life and after World 9-4, you get back to World 9-1 until you lose that life. Then it’s Game Over, but it’s not really over yet… Don’t forget, if you have requests like for another video game walkthrough or something, just ask here or on my channel or even by sending me a message and if I can make it, there are good chances that I will.


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  1. This brought tears to my eyes our home my late dad buying us all types of games us sitting down fighting for role to play this reminded me of my childhood rip dad

  2. O bhai saab😨😨😨 hmara sara bchpn nikl gya😞 8 lvl pe apni ghiste hue😅😅 … bchpn hi nikl gya pr kbi is game k end tk ni phoch pae🤣🤣 ….. jahaphna tussi great ho 😎ab hm log sukun se mr skte h 😅

  3. I have snes with supermario allstarz, dk1 dk2 , street fighter, speedy gonzalez. My mom bought it in 1990 i was 8yrs old i wanna sell it for $200. With all games anyone interested…oh n mario kart

  4. Uda
    Abi manyu
    Wahyu satriah
    Diva ayuanggita
    Ravi jaya
    Noval cahyo

  5. Много раз играл и проходил марио, на такой версии никогда, прикольно и хардкорно

  6. The ending must've been kinda painful, where you were expecting something good and in reality, it was just a simple message

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