Stick War: Legacy Insane Part 1 (by Max Games Studios) / Android Gameplay HD


One of the most popular and highest rated online games in history is now available on mobile devices.

Play Stick War, one of the biggest, most fun, challenging and addictive games with strokes. Control the army in alignment or control individual units – you have complete control over each character. Unit craft, extract gold, learn the culture of the sword, spear, bow and magic, and even giants. Destroy enemy statues and gain all territories.

In the world of Inamorta you are surrounded by differing nations devoted to your technology and fighting for domination. Each nation has developed its own defense and attack method. The pride of the uniqueness of one’s own craft has turned into an obsession bordering on worship. Worship of arms became a religion. Every nation considers its own culture to be the best and dedicates itself to imposing it on others in the actions called by their rulers by divine intervention, which is also known as … war.

Other nations are “Lukczynie” – arch culture, “Gniewmieczowie” – sword culture, “Magocides” – culture of magic, and “Spearmen” – spear culture.

You will bring to the nation the “Order,” whose members care for peace and development of knowledge and do not worship arms like god. That is why your nation is the target of the nations around it. The only chance for defense is to attack first and learn the technology of the defeated nations.


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