Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Headset Review w/ Mic Test



The G4ME line from Sennheiser has been upgraded with two new headsets, the ONE and the ZERO. The ONE is an open style design with excellent drivers and incredible comfort while the ZERO is a closed acoustic headset, implementing unique features like collapsible ear cups for travel purposes, appropriate clamping force with soft leather padding and specifically tuned drivers with an outstanding soundstage.

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  1. Hardwired are always bad…It's 2019. These idiots need to get with the program…One accidental step and pull on that cord, there goes your internals…

    Also, fuck the leather off, we want comfortable fabric like the astro a40s, 50s…Make them replaceable too, washable, detachable…And you'll fucking win…

  2. Hello, just wondering if any of you would be able to recommend a pair of thicker earpads for these headphones, the stock ones are not thick enough and my ears touch the drivers.

  3. if i dont have a sound card or AMP with the sennheiser game zero, what frequency and bit format should i use in my realtek audio settings ? ( i have the Z170-A mobo)

  4. How is G4ME ZERO to gamers who have a big head?
    What are the best AMP/sound cards for it?

    As now is 2018 and 4 years after this review is the G4ME Zero being updated or is it a old-tech or not so good comparing with these new ones?

  5. Can anyone help I was wondering if i needed a soundcard for this headset or if my motherboard onboard audio fine motherboard is z370 hd3


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