Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Headphones – Audiophile grade gaming??


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The G4ME ZERO PC Gaming Headphones are a pretty nice set of studio grade headphones with a very decent mic. I just wish that they didn’t have the 150ohm power Impedance! Besides they, these really do give you a kick in the pants! er… I mean ears…

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Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Headphones – Audiophile grade gaming?? | JayzTwoCents



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  1. Cheers, I purchased these after watching this video and they are great. 100% satisfied, great sound, excellent build quality with a top notch mic. Thank you.

  2. Hey Jay, Chris here uk based, you recentlry asked in a video what your viewers would like from future videos and for me honestly more of this personal one on one interaction with products that benfeit us as gamers, I understand this is a wide range of products to go at keyboards mice headphones etc but these things are the bread and butter to what we have built all in ade of you and your uploads and they really dont have to be GAMING perifs I use a DAC and sennheiser HD 595 headphonrs with my set up but I digress, please do more imformative test videos on perifs. hope you get to read this all love man

  3. Hello, just wondering if any of you would be able to recommend a pair of thicker earpads for these headphones, the stock ones are not thick enough and my ears touch the drivers.

  4. Hello,

    Today i've just received my Sennheiser G4ME ZERO. I've heard a lot of good things about it, and struggled a lot to choose between this one and the Hyper X Cloud Revolver S, but I chose this one.

    So, I connect it to my pc, and i'm like : What the hell is this ** ??

    Now, i'm looking to buy a new sound card, or a motherboard, because I think the problem comes from this. So my first question is, should I change the motherboard or get a new soundcard ? My motherboard is a Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. B75M-D3H, and I've never bought any soundcard.

    My second question is : If you tell me that changing my mobo is better, will it affect something about the CPU or anything ? ( and if you could please give me a good mobo, I don't understand what he said in the video )

    And my last question is : If you think that taking a soundcard is better, can you give me a good model of soundcard for playing and listening music ( because the bass on the game zero is pretty low, I would like a bit more ) ?
    Also, people can hear the audio from my pc, even if I mute the microphone ( directly on the headset ), and this happens with both my old Logitech G230 and my new Sennheiser.. I don't know what's the problem but I was thinking about the sound card / mobo again ^^

    By the way, I would need a pretty fast answer if possible, so if someone have the time to answer me it would be kind.



    PS : Sorry if my english sucks, i'm not english.

  5. if i dont have a sound card or AMP with the sennheiser game zero, what frequency and bit format should i use in my realtek audio settings ? ( i have the Z170-A mobo)

  6. the cushions were meant to have different height (said by sennheiser). every other reviews have the same feature. it is not because of you. great review btw

  7. Guys where Jay says in this video about the memory foam not holding its shape look at them when you get them. They COME shaped like that. Its not a foam problem. Its to fit your head better. Bigger at the bottom and smaller at the top…just the way it should be. Jay doesn't seem to really look at stuff he reviews I dont think.

  8. Hyper cloud hyper x Alphas realese on 9/25/17 I had yhe cloud pros for xbox and its ok but they suck has muffled sound.
    Had XO sevens and had great directional sound so many turn around kills when getting shot at and immersive but lasted me 4months before breaking.
    Really wany a good pair but everybody just talks shit its for gaming get to the point fuck the music buy headphones


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