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In this video we are exploring Second Life in 2019.
This is just a fun video I’ve been wanting to do for a while.
I’ll be showing what the avatars look like today as well as some of the places you can visit.

Here is the site I find all the shopping events on –

Shoutout to Flazedo and Cocaina for letting me feature some of their amazing photos in this video. Thank you!
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  1. Thank you to everyone who has watched this video! I plan on making this a yearly series. More SL videos coming soon 🙂
    My Second Life Blog –
    Flickr –

  2. Sims Creators are trying to sell their Content like this lol they do it on Patreon but i think we can agree we want to keep the game the way it is a nice fun cartoon version without microtransactions, i don't pay for anything on online multiplayers now LOL i just make do with what the game gives me and in Path Of Exile i can just collect the items as your in game currency without paying a penny :).

    I've noticed they've made the female sims in TS4 walk with a bum swagger though like in Second Life especially when they're feeling Flirty and wearing Heels haha! but it's quite sexualzing them too, but if i want RPG i'll play an RPG game i wouldn't want it turning like Second Life. It's SO hard these days finding games, music, movies or anything that doesn't try to mix things together especially with the internet but i just want the genres to stay seperate and the internet kept away from at least a good handful of games… Single Player games is less and less these days too.

  3. I joined three years ago but quit 3 days later. Got too busy. Now after two months of quarantine and another month to go I figure I give it another chance since I'm trapped indoors and my real life is looking kind of bleak.

  4. What computer are you using? Can you link me a way to get the same, possibly…? Thanks

  5. Honestly SL is legit. Besides, where else can you be a giant mystical dragon that casually hangs about to give an occasional wise word?

  6. It's crazy how people make it look like they are doing Instagram, I've also seen IMVU and they literally have an instagram thing where you can comment and like. It's…just wow.

  7. I should get back on SL, I played it for a brief moment before 2015 or during. :'D I actually was introduced to SL through Gaia Online.

  8. I have not logged in to sl in about two years and OMG was I outdated….lol….I thought I was so beautiful in sl…I have invested hundreds over the years but it is all outdated now. No biggie for me the fun of sl is the shopping so you have inspired me, I am going to spend my day getting my Avi up to date. I also have a Boy and a Girl because as I said I love the shopping and they are like Barbie dolls to me…so your not alone for sure. I used to make a living on sl reading Tarot Cards, it is crazy, my husband hated it I was online all the time, I actually enjoyed it. Love to you…Love to all…Kim I also got a lot of my stuff from Catwa and Truth…Great video I have so many comments everytime I post I think of something else…lol BTW your photography is beautiful.

  9. FINALLY!!! I'm SO glad that someone has FINALLY done a modern/current "shout out" video to the unimaginable changes & improvements that have made up the virtual/literal evolution of SL! Even MORE thrilled that it's from a male perspective since us guys are SORTA kinda like the 2nd class citizens in a virtual world where well over 75/80% of the content, shopping events, etc. is all tailored to a female audience, so Thanks again for that! MAD PROPS!!!

  10. Hi! But what is your specs for your computer! SL runs so smooth on your side!

    also what is the hair of the avatar in the beginning of the video

  11. I dont understand this… Is it just a sim? Is it laggy and crappy because its all fan-based art? Is this even a GAME at all?

  12. Still getting my feet wet after being away from the game for over 10yrs! This video is at the top of my list…

  13. I played second life for two hours and never understood how to even get into the main game I was stuck in the tutorial map thingy lol

  14. Haha I first played this back in 2008, can't believe it's been 12 years already. I used to both love and hate SL so much.

  15. Second Life is an awesome! I've been playing it since 2006, it's wonderful and I love playing it, there is literally tons of stuff you can do, I have friends who DJ there, I'm a builder/creator on SL, I have an SL family it's just soo cool! You should check it out!

  16. 99% female avatars are male behind and reversed that's why i don't trust nobody..i choose to play alone all the time

  17. after almost 12 years in sl..
    I know people in wheelchairs who can feel the joy of walking,
    I know people who have social issues and in rl have a hard time talking to people but have now gained the confidence to be more outgoing because of people like her and their support.
    As a mother of an asthmatic child and a cancer survivor. I found others like me and we had long talks supported Each other. Secondlife has grown because before we couldn't see facial exspressions but now when I type hahahaha my avie laughs or smiles and ya it's kinda cool.
    I have been in support groups and seen alot.
    As a creator I have donated to real life charities..

    Because it was secondlife did that make my money fake?

    I have been creative..laughed..hung out with friends…

    because it was online did that make my smiles or crys fake..

    If you have friends on social media… are those fake?

    Realize that there are real people behind the avatars.

    Did you say to people who were pen pals before texting and games that they were not real friends?
    I know couples who went from sl to rl and married have kids and still play secondlife..

    Secondlife is not just a game…

    See Games have goals and quests you can only level up to continue..

    Secondlife is much the same like rl in that we have freewill..

    There is no leveling up… You are limited by your imagination…


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