NIOH Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – Samurai (PS4 Pro)


NIOH Campaign Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 includes a Review, Prologue, Bosses and Mission 1: Isle of Demons of the Nioh Single Player Campaign for PS4 Pro. This Nioh Gameplay Walkthrough includes a Review, Campaign Mission 1, Cutscenes, Kodama Blessing, Bosses, Weapons, Armor, Shrines, Amrita, Onmyo Magic, Ninja, Blacksmith, Dojo, Guardian Spirit, Leveling Up, Exotic Armor Gear and Weapons in the Single Player by theRadBrad. Thanks Sony for Nioh!


Nioh is an action role-playing game developed by Team Ninja for the PlayStation 4. It will be published by Koei Tecmo in Japan and Sony Interactive Entertainment internationally. Gameplay revolves around navigating levels and defeating monsters that have infested an area. Nioh takes place in the early 1600s during a fictionalized version of the Sengoku period, when Japan was in the midst of civil war prior to the ascension of the Tokugawa shogunate. A sailor named William, in pursuit of an enemy, arrives in Japan and is enlisted by Hattori Hanzō, servant to Tokugawa Ieyasu, in defeating yokai that are flourishing in the chaos of war.

Nioh is set in 1600 within a fictionalised dark fantasy version of the late Sengoku period, a time when the clans of Japan were at war prior to the unification under the Tokugawa shogunate and the beginning of the Edo period. Amidst the fighting and high death toll, yokai have appeared and begun wreaking havoc across the land: major yokai threats that appear in the game include Hinoenma, Jorōgumo, and a Yuki-onna born from the spirit of the wife of Oda Nobunaga following the Honnō-ji incident.

The game’s main protagonist is William, a blonde-haired Westerner who arrives in Japan in pursuit of an enemy. While there, he crosses paths with Tokugawa Ieyasu and his ninja servant Hattori Hanzō, forming an alliance against both William’s enemy and the yokai infesting Japan. The main antagonist is Edward Kelley, a Westerner driving the conflict using his dark academical abilities.


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  1. Since it's a one time video I appreciate any and all likes you drop on this one. You are the best audience ever and I thank you for watching.

  2. The walkthrough I followed said nothing about Derrick the executioner. It's making me do all kinds of other shit

  3. Nioh 2 is so much easier than the first Nioh. It got a serious nerf. I've died to a boss at the most 3 times.

  4. RadBrad thanks for this video and all the others it's been a great help keep doing what you're doing bro you are awesome

  5. You spelled 'Ninja Gaiden' wrong, even in the comments, it's a carbon copy, a bad one.
    It's a shame, an offence to that original masterpiece to not be named when idiotic games in confront like 'Dark Souls', are named.
    That game (2004), would have looked ahead of its time in 2012. ⚡


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