Nekopara was a game suggested for Chance to play on Sh*t show saturday.

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song in the outro is Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – Up and Away (feat. June) – check it out

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  1. bigger cousin named his sims character nekopara with cat ears on.and also.he is a boy and has a buff body on his skin.and i came across nekopara was nice.

  2. Elon musk you did it you crazy son of a b|†¢h you did it! Genetically modified catgirls…the prophecy is real.

  3. And side note don't. You fucking lose weight you smart smart man and are you fucking serious just remember that the law for statutory rape in Japan is almost the same as America under 18 but also this is a fucking visual novel and you seriously think that nekopara is pedo then. You haven't. Seen the pg13 anime version my friend.
    All characters are 18 and older just to be clear

  4. That's. The. Fucking. Name. Of. A. Flavor. Of. A. Sweet. Treat. Dude. What. The. Fuck. That is also a flavor and a type of ingredient used in baking a cake and in some flavor of sodas like root beer

  5. Yes this is legal.
    Did you read the fucking disclaimer that said that all characters are over fucking 18

  6. Shut up dude you're not even funny. Also the steam version is censored by default so that means you installed the H-scenes and pretended to be offended.


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