KOGA = NEW #1 CARRY DPS? | Paladins Gameplay


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  1. with koga you can 1v1 a moji with ease since the dash removes her marks making it very hard to get killed

    moji main btw

  2. hola!!! la verdad excelente video lo disfrute bastante aguardo por el proximo video me voy les mando besis gracias

  3. So is like Koga mains just never using "Q" at the moment? Is it that weak? I feel like it three shot players and melts tanks, but it might consume too much energy? But is not the "Q" the fun part about Koga?

  4. Koga is even worse than he was before the buffs
    He was fun and playable before the buffs already but now hes just weak af
    Paladins seems to be having this thing where they buff all boring to play and face characters and nerf all fun characters the only fun and somewhat good character rn is bounce house buck and some healers

  5. I prefer “winds embrace and wanted” at 5 with life rip and haven to constantly regenerate health while being harder to hit and more difficult to kill

  6. Your ability to commentate while playing a match is second to none. It really makes the viewers feel like a part of the experience which makes your videos/stream that much more enjoyable. Keep up the great work!


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