KAMI ON FERNANDO?! | Paladins Gameplay


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  1. 1:54 did no one think how cool it was when 3 of the enemy team flew over kami together like in some cool slow mo action movie🤣

  2. Kami I love your videos I have watched your videos for years and I thought I can join your game randomly and I even used your combos for your characters by the way love your vids keep being you

  3. You are so lucky that you never get those Moji, Jenos, Corvus combinations in your game…I swear this combination is broken, unfair and game ruining…they have to nerf moji

  4. 9:40 remember that Hot pursuit you didn't need? Well, your foot is on the point, and your ultimate is 100%.
    Love u'r videos!!

  5. I have not the slightest idea why they kept nerfing Nando. His 3 second cooldown fireball was fine. Nobody was complaining about that. If he was more popular maybe his nerf would get the same reaction as Ash's cannon nerf.

  6. Love your vids, love your commentary, but man having two offtanks leaves no option but for 1 to stay in point. Or at least leave corvus there until everything is wiped out, dont rain dmg into them just bc… That I lov u bae

  7. Hey kami. I'm a Fernando main and your deck isn't that far off from mine. I would say maybe add brand to the mix so you can teamfight that much more. And the line ups are soo much more worth it when you have that card

  8. Kami on Fernando will always be my favorite. I haven't played in a long time, but I mained Flanknando because of your videos. Off-tank meta before there was off-tank meta

  9. Some items you need to pick with Nando are Reju and Nimble, at least is what I go :^) (P.D: I uploaded my Nando loadout to Discord if you wanna check it out)

  10. Hey buddy, keep doing amazing videos you are actually my favorite youtuber and I do love how you do all your videos.

  11. Nothing is going well in my life right now and your video is the only thing that makes me feel okay for a few minutes. Thank you kami.


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