How Do You Make A Windows PE


How Do You Make A Windows PE

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By following this video tutorial, you will be able to create a basic Windows 10 PE, if you want to add portable apps then let me know in comments section.

Download WinBuilder-Win10PE SE
File = Complete (273.04 MB) =

Windows v10.0.16299 or Win10_1709_English_x64.iso

Win10PE SE Release

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  1. Hi there, how we can download windows 10 enterprise edition??because most of the people download windows 10 home or pro, but how we can download enterprise edition? Thnx.

  2. how can add the office 2016 , 2016 or 365 in windows 10 with install and activate both when install windows in hard disk i want a custome windows 10 with own software reply me as soon as possible thanking you

  3. Will this have imagex installed? My WIM export size is 16gb, just over my 15gb limit. I have been using Gimagex and am hoping that using imagex will reduce my WIM size, will it compress better than GimageX? (Love your work my good man 🙂 )

  4. i am getting this error even though i set path.
    You must select a folder with windows files, in Config source plugin->Select source, C:WinPESource not supported.

  5. Hi thanks for all your tutorials, could you do a WinPEx64 tutorial with custom apps teracopy,macrium reflect,aomei,minitool, etc. best regards

  6. Guide: Well and nicely explained, in my opinion should explain how to add plug-in script without error created project 👍😎

  7. this method no longer works!! unless im doing something wrong…. it keeps prompting me with "You must select a folder with Windows files in config source plugin-> select source "…….i followed all of your instructions to a t!!!!

  8. Followed step by step. Same download link. Just won't work. I mounted the image files onto the source folder and the Win builder can't find the image.


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