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  1. I very much dislike Predatory Instincs…
    The only benefit from it (for myself) would be the instant 850 dmg but I personally think the exploding sword is the best for him. It takes practise to time the explosion right cuz there's a slight lockout time when you throw it so it's not instant.
    Since I'm good with Tiberius and his sword talent I'd say it's the best for him.
    Here's why:
    1) The explosion radius also slows the enemies down.
    2) You don't have to worry about retrieving the sword.
    3) And btw it's not 250 dmg when you directly pass the sword through them, it's 500 dmg.
    So in total when u combine the explosion and piercing the sword through, it's technically the same if you were to play any different Tiberius talent.
    So it would mean 1350 dmg with whatever talent u go with.

  2. The card for reduced cd on combat trance for hitting heavy blade doesn't work on the explosion 🙁 I think the main bonus to tigron's fury is not having to deal with the sword return animation, do slightly more burst and easier kill confirms.

  3. I personally prefer tigrons fury, the slow is great. What you have to do is throw the sword at the enemies feet, explode, and then pick them off with chakrams while in combat trance. You can take out a fully buffed raum if you got caut 2 and perform this combo. That's just me tho, could be different for others.

  4. The strix was meeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😁😁😁😁😁

  5. As a Tip, its better if you throw it to his feets. If you throw ot to mid bodys it will not stop until reaches any surface, so when you explode it some time its to far from them.

  6. Instrument of Fate card doesn't proc on the explosion, only when the blade itself hits. It's a great card with the other talents though since it'll proc on the throw and the recall

  7. I play bk a lot and i know the spots you wanna place you bombs and just instant blow people away. with tigrons fury you can not only just play as spamming q but the heavy blade can take out most of people in corners hiding
    also it has no dmg drop off during its blast which is what you abuse most out of that lc. i consider this lc a broken mess.

  8. Brooooo 1:19 I usually never thumbs up videos but that move was just so good I had to instant click the like button
    I literally said "uuuuh" at the same time as you, that is good commentator skills like the ones at soccer

  9. The reason why people run explodey sword is because you get locked out from using your loadout when you recall your sword. Thats it, thats the only reason.

  10. as a Tiberius main, I always use Predatory Instincts. especially when 'Instrument of fate' is a main part of my loadout since the effects of that card activate when i throw my heavy blade and recall it, and with Tigron's Fury, it only activates when you throw it, not explode it. not to mention if you throw and recall the blade, it does more damage than throwing it and exploding it. approximately 250 more damage with the standard heavy blade.

  11. I prefer tigrons fury over the other 2 because its a lot faster. The only problem with it i have run into is that the card where it lowers the cooldown of trance with hits of the sword only counts for the throwing of the sword and not the explosion. If i counted for the explosion i would say this is his best talent.

  12. The default throw and recall is great on the trance cd card because all you have to do is line up two targets, hit them both, and pull the blade back through them both. Those four ticks will fully reset trance. I get that a lot easier than managing to line up three targets in very tight quarters. You want to recall while grabbing cover and reloading since it keeps you in animation. And if they ever give you 3+ lined up, you can usually just burst them down without waiting, making full use of the slow effect and decent damage on the initial throw. Tib likes the low ground for easy lining up and bounces that stay at enemy level, but is still great at leaping/ulting to chase or escape.

  13. U dont have to wait till the sword stick to ground to explode it kami . In a 1v1 and in general it can burst better than the bounce . U can almost explode it as soon as u send it out so its insta 1100 dmg while the recall version takes nore time

  14. Morning routine: wake up, watch Kami. Doesn’t matter what time I wake up there always a new video. I don’t even play paladins just enjoy the Kami videos.

  15. Kami did an oopie? Just kidding 🙂 but for the record instrument of fate doesn't reduce cooldown on explosion with this legendary.

  16. I once hit 4 people stacked on point with this talent and the explosion did zero damage. Made me a real sad panda.

  17. The thing with tigrons fury is that the instrument of fate card actually doesn't activate when you hit enemies by exploding the blade (I don't know why). So you're only reducing your q cooldown by hitting on the initial throw, not the explosion. Whereas, with predatory instincts, you activate the card by hitting enemies both ways: through the initial throw, and the recall. Therefore you're getting much better value out of the card when going predatory instincts, as it activates the card twice, which greatly reduces the cooldown. Go to the "Enjoying Paladins" channel because he explains it there about this talent.


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