Builder's Box AFTER HOURS – Unboxing – Second Life


Let’s Unbox the Builder’s Box together 🙂

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  1. My second life name is beautiful enderfield . You can add me if you like I'd love to be friends and hangout together would be fun. I'll be on sl sometime later

  2. I got that fluorescent/ neon cactus ages ago in as a gift from one of the giveaways. It was random but i kept it because it was unusual. It's bright green.

  3. I think there are some lower land impact animesh hookers currently at the kinky event for Timmy's balconies.

  4. you should do an underground type party, like the dance parties in the step up movies, right in that skybox. the one timmy wanted to put animesh in. it would be super cool.

  5. Love the Schultz bros skybox and the Kraftwork pool, the rest is sh*t lol, would not give it house space. Great vid you two, make me laugh as always, hugs 🙂

  6. worshipped whattt??????? xDDD I almost die ahhahaa 😛 watching this while having my lunch gosh that made me laugh . I Like the purple club 😀 perfect for a video..btw… I still dont now.. what doees "Tracking (deploy mode) mean? lol it's just annoying when you make a video.

  7. Do the skybox Timmy! We wanna see you work your magic with animesh hookers XD
    Keep it up guys, you are hilarious<3

  8. Great video my friends! LOL! “You know when you have a one night stand” “F* Rooms! “ OMG! 🤪😵🤪Hey Timmi! 🎵Who wears short shorts, you wear short shorts!🎵 😘 Fabulous unboxing Naria ❣️ wow! This box is really amazing if you’re into Adult outstanding work!


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