A Simple Way to Automatically Transcribe Video/Audio to Text


Here is how to auto generate subtitles from any video with Google docs. It also works if you want to convert audio to text.

Useful for creating subtitles and closed Captions for all your Youtube videos

The trick here is to make the recording and playback devices same. This will give good quality and help you automatically transcribe video to text.

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Record Audio Coming out of your PC (Without Stereo Mix)

I use Audio from YouTube audio library.
Cut Trance – Cephelopod by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

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  1. Put sincere thanks as this is very helpful for we new you tuber. Although I have to set and check it practically. Thank you so much! Stay safe. I have recently started working on burning Health issues but facing many issues #Medicinebuy #HowBuyMedicine

  2. Thank you, It helped a lot, though not using google docs but powerpoint closed captions. Thanks again

  3. Why not all youtube videos have subtitles in many languages, some have in 60+ languages, some only English. What does video poster have to do to enable subtitles from English to another language?

  4. Hi, I am not able to download sunflower software into my Mac Pro (10.14.6) Mojave. I have tried pressing the Control button before I install the software. System always prompt failed installation. any idea? kindly advise. thank you

  5. This was helpful. I will try to use the tool. Being new to you tube figuring things take time but I am glad that people like you are there to help. This was on point without wasting time. 👍

  6. For some reason Soundflower for mac wasn't working for me, I found BackgroundMusic – https://github.com/kyleneideck/BackgroundMusic
    Worked in the similar way as soundflower.

  7. Hi brother, please suggest me, i need voice to voice conversation, example if I am speaking in Telugu, I need to convert English voice, please say any app in ios or software in windows, thank you 🙏🏻
    My contact number 7989272575, it’s very urgent and need to me

  8. if I got it right, this way of embedding subtitles to youtube videos would take then at the least as long as the video, right? since the video has to be played to be automatically transcribed…
    do you also use the auto-generated subtitles of the youtube? I've been trying to use it but youtube has not yet auto-generated anything to me, and I don't seem to find where should I click to make it auto-generate the CC. do I have to wait for it? does it take longer if the video is still private? does it take longer if I activate the function of "open for contributions of the community"? what are the factors that make it take longer to auto-generate the subtitles?

    Thanks a lot!

  9. Fantastic. I’ve gotten a bilingual podcast show, not English, so this was the way to do it. Thank you for sharing.


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