100 Random Neo Geo games In 10 Minutes


100 Neo Geo Games In 10 Minutes

All these games were released on the AES (home version) of the Neo Geo, and are presented in chronological release order.

The Neo Geo AES was THE console of its time. Released around the same time as the 16-bit generation (SNES/Genesis/Megadrive), this beast towered head and shoulders above anything that Nintendo or Sega could offer at the time.

However, all this power came at a price; and given its insane price point, it was always meant to be a luxury item and never intended for wide market home users.

It’s roots seem to have been a little forgotten as people tend to think of Neo Geo as “that King of Fighters console” and/or “that Metal Slug console”.

Indeed, the later titles released in the console’s lifespan do tend to heavily fall into the fighting game category (and yes, the King of Fighters and its various spinoffs are predominant) – and while it makes sense given the tastes of the public at the time, it is a bit of a shame. The variety of titles in the earlier years of the consoles life span gave us many hidden gems – most of which have been forgotten.

The graphics on many of these titles are simply amazing. This was the pinnacle of gaming 2D art that even contemporary “retro” game style artists have a hard time matching.

Two notes on this video:
1) Yes, I obviously like Mai Shiranui. (For fun, count how many times she shows up in this video!)
2) Yes, any time there is a football game, Brazil will *always* score

The complete list of games is as follows:
1. Alpha Mission II – 1991
2. Baseball Stars Professional
3. Blue’s Journey
4. Cyber Lip
5. Ghost Pilots
6. King of the Monsters
7. League Bowling
8. Magician Lord
9. NAM-1975
10. Ninja Combat
11. Puzzled – Joy Joy Kid
12. Riding Hero
13. Sengoku
14. The Super Spy
15. Top Player’s Golf
16. Burning Fight
17. Crossed Swords
18. Super Baseball 2020
19. Fatal Fury King of Fighters
20. Robo Army
21. Thrash Rally
22. Football Frenzy
23. Soccer Brawl
24. Mutation Nation
25. Last Resort
26. Baseball Stars 2
27. Ninja Commando
28. King of the Monsters 2 – The Next Thing
29. Andro Dunos
30. World Heroes
31. Art of Fighting
32. Viewpoint
33. Super Sidekicks
34. Fatal Fury 2
35. Sengoku 2
36. 3 Count Bout
37. World Heroes 2
38. Samurai Shodown
39. Fatal Fury Special
40. Spin Master Miracle Adventure
41. Art of Fighting 2
42. Windjammers
43. Karnov’s Revenge
44. Top Hunter – Roddy & Cathy
45. Aero Fighters 2
46. Aggressors of Dark Kombat
47. The King of Fighters ’94
48. Samurai Shodown II
49. Street Slam
50. Galaxy Fight- Universal Warriors
51. Double Dragon
52. Fatal Fury 3 – Road to the Final Victory
53. Savage Reign
54. World Heroes Perfect
55. Panic Bomber
56. Far East of Eden
57. The King of Fighters ’95
58. Pulstar
59. Voltage Fighter
60. Aero Fighters 3
61. Samurai Showdown III
62. Real Bout Fatal Fury
63. Neo Turf Masters
64. Magical Drop II
65. Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior
66. Metal Slug
67. Over Top
68. Ninja Master’s: Hao Ninpo Cho
69. Ragnagard
70. The King of Fighters ’96
71. Kizuna Encounter
72. Samurai Shodown IV – Amakusa’s Revenge
73. The Ultimate 11 – The SNK Football Championship
74. Waku Waku 7
75. Twinkle Star Sprites
76. Breakers
77. Magical Drop 3
78. The King Of Fighters ’97
79. The Last Blade
80. Blazing Star
81. Metal Slug 2
82. Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers
83. The King of Fighters ’98 – The Slugfest
84. The Last Blade 2
85. Metal Slug X
86. Shock Troopers – 2nd Squad
87. The King of Fighters ’99: Millenium Battle
88. Garou: Mark of the Wolves
89. Metal Slug 3
90. The King of Fighters 2000
91. Sengoku 3
92. The King of Fighters 2001
93. Metal Slug 4
94. Rage of the Dragons
95. The King of Fighters 2002: Challenge to Ultimate Battle
96. Power Instinct Matrimelee
97. SNK vs Capcom SVC Chaos
98. Metal Slug 5
99. The King of Fighters 2003
100. Samurai Shodown V Special

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  1. Soccer brawl, super sidekicks, metal slug 2, samurai showdown 2 , street hoop and the best.. BLAZING STARS. Favorite games.

  2. Tuổi thơ vào net để chơi Neo Game. Nhớ thật, lúc ấy để xin tiền cha mẹ 1,000đ hay 2,000đ chơi điện tử rất khó luôn

  3. I had no Idea the Neo Geo had such a long life span. I figured around 96-97 after Playstation and N64 were out and becoming more affordable Neo Geo would peter out and die but games came out until the early 2000s. Pretty cool.

  4. IT'S SO CRAZY how Neo Geo was the most Expensive Video Game System ever made, but Playstation & Xbox were better.

  5. Mostly all of these neogeo game, me and my brother at our childhood played it all because I remembered that we got neogeo hack LOL, It was fun at that time, I go to cousin house and play with him when we are like 6,7 years old kids, I hope I can get back the old experiment. 🙁 rip neogeo I will always love your games

  6. Wish I could have bought it back then. I seen it in the wild one time in my childhood. My only issue is that it has too many fighters. I only have time to master a few before I start forgetting moves.


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