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You can’t afford the current Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack but still want to build a cool, modern industrial loft? No problem – in today’s video I show you a BASE GAME INDUSTRIAL LOFT! True enough, in this loft I only used objects from the base game and it is completely CC free!
This awesome loft offers everything the freelancer heart desires. On the first floor is the industrial style kitchen and the open, light-flooded living room with oversized TV! 📺 A work corner is also available for your sim. 💻📚 The bedroom loft is on the upper floor. The highlight is the walk-in wardrobe with many glass elements to create optimal lighting conditions. 👒👜 The huge mirror also invites you to do your selfie! #WannaTakeASelfie? 📷
Let your Sim move into this great modern BASE GAME INDUSTRIAL LOFT today!

I look forward to your feedback in the comments and wish you a nice day! 💕😊
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Willkommen zurück auf meinem Sims 4 Speed Build Kanal!
Du kannst dir das aktuelle Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack nicht leisten aber möchtest dennoch ein cooles, modernes Loft bauen? Kein Problem – im heutigen Video zeige ich dir ein BASE GAME INDUSTRIAL LOFT! Richtig gehört, in diesem Loft habe ich nur Objekte aus dem Basisspiel verwendet und es ist komplett CC frei!
Diese coole Loft bietet alles, was das Freelancer Herz begehrt. Im ersten Stock befindet sich die Küche im industriellen Stil und das offene, lichtdurchflutete Wohnzimmer mit übergrossem Fernseher! Auch eine Arbeitsecke steht deinem Sim zur Verfügung. 💻📚 Im obere Stockwerk befindet sich das Schlafzimmer-Loft. Das Highlight ist der begehbare Kleiderschrank mit vielen Glaselementen um optimale Lichtverhältnisse zu schaffen. 👒👜
Der riesige Spiegel lädt zudem zum Selfie machen ein! #WannaTakeASelfie? 📷

Lass deinen Sim noch heute in dieses tolle moderne BASE GAME INDUSTRIAL LOFT einziehen!

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  1. Do you like base game houses? I think it's a total change to just build with the objects from the base game again. Leave me a comment what I should build next. I'm looking forward to your suggestions! 😊

  2. Beautiful! I have downloaded it and I LOVE IT❤️! I have searched a house for weeks and this is perfect😍. I have the sims for PlayStation so I have no CC. I also don’t have any packs so this is perfect. Thank you so much😘!

  3. Ok guys maybe it like that to find the house: ok first look in the gallery in the searching box for Base Game Instustial it should pop up and then you need to look for his name there 0906lady and the it is I could find it that way you’re welcome 😉

  4. Just wanted to tell you that Jesus Christ loves you so very very much even if you don’t believe you believe it. He is so deeply in love with you believe me

  5. Hey ich bin heute auf deinen Kanal gestoßen . Wirkliche schöne let’s builds! 🌈💕 ich merke dass ich die einzige deutsche bin die hier kommentiert hat 🙈😄

  6. I forget that die means the in some countries. Lol. Great build! It's very open and airy with all of the windows.

  7. This is an awesome build! I really like the color scheme you got going and all of the industrial touches. 😍

  8. I found you through a comment on one of Clare Siobhan's and i'm new but i already love your builds, your so talented ( :

  9. A fine house, but if you're shooting without voiceover, try to make videos faster and less long, because it's quite boring to watch and listen to music. 🙂

  10. I really like how this had turned out!! I does not look base game at all!! Love how the lighting comes in through the living room!!


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